• resilience-based interaction model

    A teacher preparation model of working with children in order to address their challenging behaviors and support their mental health and emotional development.

    Who is RIM for?

    Although the model has only been used in early childhood, it is completely applicable to older age group of students. We focus on early childhood because it is such a critical developmental time.

    Is the model evidence based?

    Yes. RIM is currently a professional development model being tested in a research project in six classrooms in an early childhood education center.

    Who can learn RIM?

    While it it currently being taught to teachers, we are in the process of standardizing the model in a developmental coaching configuration. Our goal is to begin developing this model for families within the next two years.

  • Our Services


    Three- or six-hour workshops

    RIM requires between 14 to 16 hours of training. We provide 3-hour or 6-hour workshops on RIM for professionals in school districts, early childhood programs, schools, and related fields. Our workshops are designed to provide theoretical backgrounds, principles, and example practices of RIM. RIM requires at least 18-20 hours of workshop training.


    In-class follow-up coaching

    In addition to our workshops, we offer in-class follow-up coaching for teachers, teachers supervisors, and education coordinators to ensure the correct practice of RIM techniques.


    Professional training consultation

    We provide professional training consultation to school districts, schools, programs, and individual teachers and professionals.


    Two- to three-hour presentations

    We provide two- to three-hour presentations on topics related to children’s mental health, addressing specific challenging behaviors, and special needs of children.

  • Research Development

    In addition to the above services, we also are looking to recruit organizations interested in participating in our research.

    We welcome research opportunities in centers and schools which are interested to participate in our ongoing study of standardization, development, and efficacy of RIM. Our research project involves working closely with teachers and/or parents for a period of one year. Our professional training model requires teachers to be involved in the project for at least one year. While we prepare and support teachers to use RIM with all children, we measure the change in the behaviors of all children (particularly those who display challenging behaviors) previous to and after implementation of RIM. We are also interested to understand how teachers perceive a change in their own skill level and attitude toward children pre- and post-implementation of RIM.


    We will be working to develop and research a parent education model of RIM with children at home and collaboration with schools within the next several years.