• research and implementation team

    Mojdeh Bayat, PhD


    Mojdeh Bayat is a professor of education at DePaul University. She is an expert in early childhood development and education of children with developmental disorders—specifically, children with autism—and in methods of working with children who are at risk. Dr. Bayat is the author of: Teaching Exceptional Children (2012), NY: McGraw Hill—the 2nd edition: Teaching Exceptional Children: Foundations and Best Practices in Inclusive Early Childhood Education Classrooms (2017), and Addressing Challenging Behaviors and Mental Health issues in Early Childhood (2015), London, NY: Routledge.

    Bayat is deeply committed to promoting the educational rights and the quality of life of all children who are at risk for developmental, social emotional, and mental health issues due to growing up in adversities or due to neurobiological conditions. She advocated for inclusion and human rights of children with disabilities in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa and in Mexico.

    Bayat's research interests are 1) design of innovative, multi-tiered-systemic intervention approaches with both families and children, with a goal enhancing resilience in children and their families. She believes addressing social emotional issues of children early on will build the foundation of intellectual and healthy social functioning. Another area of Bayat’s research interest is cross-cultural studies in risk, resilience, and disabilities.


    Heather Little, MFA

    Associate Director and Coaching Supervisor

    Heather Little is an instructor and a doctoral candidate in early childhood education at DePaul University’s College of Education.